Professor Sam Ahmedzai

Sam is Emeritus Professor in the Medical School at University of Sheffield, with
30 years’ experience of being consultant physician in palliative medicine, covering
both acute hospital and hospice. 
His Sheffield academic clinical department had an active programme in care and
research in cancer patients at all stage of illness from diagnosis to survivorship or
end of life. He was lead clinician for supportive and palliative care in the North Trent
Cancer Network and for the Sheffield Adult Cancer Survivorship project.
His research covers – biology of pain; management of symptoms of cancer and
arising from its treatment; holistic needs and quality of life assessment; improving
supportive care services for cancer and chronic disease patients; advocating patient
and public involvement in cancer research.
Sam is NIHR National Specialty Lead for supportive care and community research
and co-chairs the NCRI research group on Living With and Beyond Cancer. He
chaired the 2015 NICE NG31 guideline for care of the dying adult and was Clinical
Adviser to the 2019 NICE NG142 guideline on service delivery for people in the last
year of life. He was chair of the 2016 RCP National Audit of Care at the end of life in
In 2016 Sam was given the Lifetime Achievement Award by the British Thoracic
Oncology Group and is Honorary Fellow of the Faculty of Pain Medicine in the Royal
College of Anaesthetists.
He has conducted medico-legal work since 2003. This includes providing expert
medical witness reports for the General Medical Council; Her Majesty’s police forces;
Her Majesty’s Coroner’s courts; and acting for clients under instructions from
solicitors in civil cases.